The Essence of Charleston: Charleston Candle Works captures the scent of the Holy City

We are thrilled to be working with new and growing Charleston Candle Works! This eco-friendly line of 100% soy, naturally scented candles is already in five states and counting, but we decided it was time to spread the word further with this newly launched PR campaign! Be the first to read the press release here, and keep your ears open for more CCW news…

Charleston, SC (July 10, 2013) – One reason Charleston, SC is currently ranked the number one tourism town in the world might be the alluring aromas of confederate jasmine, honeysuckle and gardenia permeating the charming city streets. The intoxicating scents of vanilla, hazelnut and maple arising from Charleston’s fine culinary establishments might also contribute to the city’s universal adoration. Fortunately, an emerging company, Charleston Candle Works, has literally captured that essence of Charleston in an elegant and eco-friendly soy candle line.

“We use only 100% natural ingredients to make our candles that are not only supportive of our local farming industries, but are considered eco-friendly and safe,” explained CCW founder and Charleston resident, Michelle Bell. Bell, a former ICU nurse of fifteen years, developed a love for candles when using them for stress relief after long, emotional and physical days at the hospital. When burning them, though, she would find herself disappointed with the scent release or burn qualities, and she would imagine methods of improvement. Two years ago, a running injury that required two foot surgeries left her with limited mobility and unable to continue her nursing job. Her husband encouraged her to make her dream a reality, hand-making her own candles, and Charleston Candle Works was born.

After testing various waxes and scents, Bell developed a process using domestically-grown soy wax, containing no chemicals or stabilizers, 100% pure essential oil for fragrance and cotton-core wicks. She was especially pleased with the scent release benefits of pure soy, as well as the way the cotton wicks reduced smoking and extended the burn time. She also liked the fact that the pure ingredients could be easily washed with soap and water, making the lovely glass containers reusable. Lastly, she hired a Charleston-based design agency to hand-draw the classic, horse and carriage adorned label and to help her brand the company.

Today the candles are still made by hand when ordered to ensure the finest and freshest product. They are sold in sixteen retail stores in five states (and counting), as well as at crafts fairs and online at The candles are affordable, retailing between $12.95 and $22.00. Perfect for gifts or personal relaxation, they offer a variety of scents available in several container sizes, including custom candles for special occasions such as weddings. The company also supports Local Happiness, a South Carolina based fundraising organization that promotes the local economy.


 Charleston Candle Works started as a way to create something unique, sustainable, economical, enjoyable, and ecological. Our candles burn longer, cleaner, and with more fragrance because they are all natural. We work with a southeastern soy bean farm who produces fresh soy wax of the highest quality to make our candles from 100% natural soy, with no chemical stabilizers and with top quality imported essential oils for fragrance. We are proud to support the local economy and farmers with our “farm-to-candle”.