5 Reasons to Build Your Website with Figvine and WordPress

Have you thought about starting an online business or building a website or blog for your company, profession or hobby… yet the thought of building that site seems overwhelming? Developing a site does not have to be an intimidating process. Here are five reasons to build your site with Figvine and WordPress:

  1. SAVE TIME AND MONEY – A Figvine website is going to be much more affordable than you might expect because we use WordPress. We will start with a theme, so the structure or skeleton of the site will already be developed. In other words, we won’t be starting from scratch, which cuts development time significantly. The themes are very affordable, often free, and usually cost no more than $100.
  2. THEME BASED, YET VERY CUSTOMIZABLE – Because WordPress offers thousands of beautiful themes, you will get to have a glimpse of what your site will look like when completed. And you get to pick your theme, too. Figvine will guide you through the selection process and help you find a theme that has many customizable options. Rest assured, the end result will not look like a cookie-cutter, generic website, but instead will have a personality that is all yours.
  3. TOTAL WEB PACKAGE – Figvine offers years of graphic design, PR and content marketing experience, so we are a one-stop shop for your website. Not only will we design your site, but we will also walk you through the content development process, help you with your copy-writing and blogging and connect the dots to your social media. We are happy to manage your social media, as well.
  4. SEARCH FRIENDLY – WordPress is built to be SEO-friendly, featuring streamlined code and a number of plugin options to push your content to the top of search engine lists.
  5. USER-FRIENDLY CONTENT MANAGEMENT – WordPress is a content management system with a user-friendly administrative dashboard, meaning you will be able to make updates to your site once Figvine has completed the design. Figvine is also happy to assist you with a maintenance program where we make those updates for you.

We look forward to working with you on your next web project!